A limited collector’s edition High probability of getting special NFTs All NFTs will be playable elements within our ecosystem

Welcome to the first Dark Earth NFTs sale


Mystery Capsule FEATURES

Each Mystery Capsule contains 8 NFTs






Everyone can access the Public Sale

Each person can buy as many capsules as he/she wants.






Everyone can access the Public Sale

Each person can buy as many capsules as he/she wants.

get your hands on mystery capsules enjoy an incredible unlocking experience discover what they hide inside

Payment available in MATIC or USDC.

THREE minting types


Static NFT


2.5D Animated NFT


3D Animated NFT


Basic-Titanium NFT


4-5 Steel card per Mystery Capsule
1 Titanium card per Mystery Capsule
Cosmium version not available.

Rare-Titanium NFT

12 RAREs

1-2 steel card per Mystery Capsule
35% chance to get a Titanium card
Cosmium version not available.

Epic-Cosmium NFT


46% chance to get a Steel card
12% chance to get a Titanium card
5% chance to get a Cosmium card

Legendary-Cosmium NFT


14% chance to get a Steel card
4% chance to get a Titanium card
2% chance to get a Cosmium card


Special NFTs obtained as rewards by collecting the different NFTs that appear in the Genesis Edition Mystery Capsules.

Master Arts

Special type of NFT signed by its author, that will correspond to 20 limited edition copies of each card’s original artwork.

Master Arts are the key to access the Keyart: The objective is to collect a Master Art of each type (Unit, Support, Tactic, Equipment) which will mean that you have the complete Genesis Edition and you’ll be able to receive monetary rewards.

Faction Banners

Special NFTs that represent the Support to each faction.

For each Faction Banner there will be a limited quantity of 250 copies in the Genesis Edition.

The benefits of owning a Faction Banner are endless.


  • Holders will belong to and have exclusive access to the faction conclave. Each of these five groups will be able to vote on fundamental aspects of the historical evolution oh their faction and thus take decisions together.
  • Holders will have automatic Whitelist for the following Dark Earth NFTs and Token ($CSU) Pre-Sales.
  • At the start of the Dark Earth Raids Strategy Game Beta, the holders will be able to claim a special promotional package for your faction consisting of various Mystery Capsules and promotional and exclusive NFTs to your faction.
  • In addition, the holders will receive an exclusive random epic or legendary Titanium or Cosmium promotional NFT of their faction in each Dark Earth Set.

Many more surprises are yet to be discovered!

Signed Key Art

Special NFT signed by renowned illustrator Rodrigo Zayas.

You can stake this NFT to receive 10% Fees generated in Marketplaces with our NFTs

Only 100 units of this NFT are available.

Therefore, only 100 lucky ones will be able to benefit from the staking. Do you want to be one of them?

Get your hands on the full Genesis Edition as soon as possible!


Collecting rewards will be given on a first come first served basis,
therefore you will be able to choose from the available supply at the time of your claim.

NOTE: Each card can only be used once.

You cannot use the same card to claim different prizes.


Dark Earth is a Blockchain Gaming ecosystem focused on its own metaverse. The main feature is that Dark Earth NFTs will be shared among the different video games in the ecosystem and will have different utilities in each and every one of them.

Dark Earth is a Blockchain Gaming Universe which in turn will constitute a large Blockchain eSports Ecosystem.

Mainly competitive mobile video games. Dark Earth aims to be a reference ecosystem in the eSports sector. The first videogame we are developing is a very special Raids Strategy Game, with very dynamic and interactive game mechanics.

Dark Earth will have its own economy through a crypto token called $CSU (Cosmium) that will provide game-related services and NFTs interaction to its holders.

For players’ peace of mind, all Smart Contracts will be audited, including the NFTs ones, thus providing total security to our community members.

It is the first edition of Dark Earth, called Genesis Edition. A very special collector’s edition in which you will be able to get scarce versions of the first Dark Earth NFTs. All these NFTs will be playable in the Card Battle as cards.

You can now visit our Pre-Sale website for more information:

A Mystery Capsule is a NFT that when it’s opened generates 8 different NFTs that will belong to the person who has opened the capsule. At least 1 of these NFTs will be special. The Mystery Capsule costs $20 and can be purchased during the Public Sale on our website.

Those on the Whitelist will have exclusive access to our Pre-Sale 48 hours before the Public Sale and will also receive a 25% discount on their purchase.

Only $15. But remember, the discount will only be available just during the Pre-Sale (48 hours), so don’t miss this opportunity!

No, each person may purchase a maximum of 20 Mystery Capsules at a discounted price.

Yes, people who are not on the Whitelist will have access to our Public Sale once the Pre-Sale is over, but will not be able to enjoy any kind of discount.

There are different ways to get a spot on the Whitelist: giveaways on Twitter, events on Discord, giveaways at the different AMAs we do, etc. If you don’t have yours yet, stay tuned to our social networks.

Go to our award check page ( and enter your Polygon Public Address, there you can find out if you are already on our Whitelist and if you have any other awards available.

If you detect an error, please, open a support ticket on Discord or DM @DarkEarthgame on Twitter.

The project’s minting network is Polygon ($MATIC). Polygon is a “layer two” or “sidechain” scaling solution that runs alongside the Ethereum blockchain — allowing for speedy transactions and low fees. MATIC is the network’s native cryptocurrency, which is used for fees, staking, and more.

The Pre-Sale will take place on July 11th, 48 hours before the Public Sale.

The Public Sale will take place on July 13th, 48 hours after the Pre-Sale.

No, you cannot use the same card to claim different prizes. Each card can only be used once.

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The secret code is D4RK34RTH

If you have any further questions you can read the information on our litepaper
or leave us your question directly in the “QUESTIONS” channel of our Discord.

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